The best fulvic minerals

The uses of organic products that allow farmers to obtain higher yields without altering the environment is one of the world trends of our times. In this sense, the fulvic acids are awakening the interest of the farmers of the field, since among its multiple benefits they allow a better use of foliar and root fertilizers, besides stimulating the general growth of the plant, which translates into higher yields and better quality of crops. We will talk about the fulvic minerals.

Fulvic minerals also allow the improvement of soil structure by favouring the formation of aggregates and the exponential reproduction of microorganisms. The recovery of soil, due to the multiplication of microorganisms caused by fulvic acids, is extremely rapid. Microorganisms destroy pesticide residues, which is beneficial for the environment, explains Víctor Manuel Urbina Bolland, vice president of Foliar Chemistry, a pioneer in the commercialization of fulvic acids. For example: in a soil poor in the organic matter the application of fulvic acids allows to multiply the microbial flora in two thousand times in only two weeks, which gives an extra fertility, with the application of three or four kilos per hectare.

Apart from microbiologically improving the soil and its texture, this substance can be used to multiply microorganisms that degrade insecticides or herbicides that traditionally remain on the ground for a long time. Fulvic minerals are the most active part of hummus, it is soluble in acid, neutral and alkaline, unlike humic acid that is not soluble in acidic pH. This causes, for example, that calcium is precipitated in the presence of humic acid while remaining in solution in the presence of fulvic acid.

In areas with high calcium concentration, fulvic acid prevents phosphorus and other elements from precipitating, which is beneficial for plants because they receive more nutrients and also prevents the nozzles of irrigation systems from getting stuck. They also contain 19 of the 21 essential amino acids that can make proteins. “Nowhere in the world is there one as concentrated as ours because it has 75 percent fulvic acids,” says Urbina.

The demand for Fulvic minerals grows:

The use of fulvic acids mixed with foliar, root and in different irrigation systems, where with the addition of fulvic acids surprising results are obtained. It is a market niche that will have an accelerated growth in the near future since it is estimated that its use in all agriculture will soon be generalized, and it will become an indispensable product in any agricultural practice, this due to the overwhelming benefits that they are obtained with your application.

Practical applications for Fulvic minerals:

With the application of fulvic acids have been increased production of up to 50 percent in different crops and areas of the country and Central America. It is attributed the improvement of the quality of crops, as in potatoes, where it improves the distribution of starches and the size of it is more uniform; in wheat increases the protein content; in the tomato, chili and other vegetables increases the percentage of export fruit.

In general, there are testimonies that increase the resistance to disease attack, the plants better withstand any type of stress (drought, frost, flood, product overdose, for example). The recovery of crops is more effective with repeated applications of fulvic acids.

Benefits of Fulvic minerals:

Increase yields and improve the quality of crops by:

  1. Stimulate the general growth of the plant.
  2. Significantly improve the absorption and translocation of nutrients and agrochemicals via foliar and radicular.
  3. Improve soils by exponentially promoting the reproduction of microorganisms and the formation of aggregates.
  4. It acts as a biostimulant to catalyze biochemical processes of the plant and to promote the formation of nucleic acids due to their high content of amino acids.
  5. Chelate and make available to the plant nutrients that are difficult to absorb.

Application recommendations for Fulvic minerals

Via foliar: 100-150 g of fulvic acid per hectare alone, or better mixed with fertilizers and agrochemicals in general.

Root path: 3-4 kilos of fulvic acid per hectare per cycle, divided into a minimum of three applications.

When a plant organism enters the decomposition phase, it usually deposits humic substrate or humic acids on the surface of the soil. Humic acids, also called humus, are the organic products that are derived from the decomposition of these organisms. In general, the decomposition of plant organisms is favoured by fungi and bacteria that are considered beneficial microorganisms for soil exploitation. The hummus has a black colour, product of the high concentrations of organic carbon it has.

Within its composition are elements such as:

– Leaves, branches and pieces of decaying logs.

– Vegetable and animal exudates.

– Remains of dead animals.

– Excrements.

– Mushrooms and bacteria.

The decomposition of these elements usually provides the soils with bioavailable elements that are soluble in water, among which are the humic acids.

Fulvic minerals:

Fulvic minerals are a substance derived from humic acids. It is characterized as a natural organic substance soluble in water. Fulvic acid is soluble in both alkaline and acidic media. In general terms, fulvic acid, used in agriculture, acts directly on the hypogeal part of the plants, that is, it exerts its action on the cotyledon (s) that are below the surface of the soil. What Fulvic minerals do for plants is to favour molecular division to encourage growth. In this way, root respiration is stimulated, promotes absorption and helps plants to have greater resistance to drought. As it is an acid, when mixed with other nutrients, it tends to lower the pH and favour crops that cannot be frequently served by farmers.

Advantages of Fulvic minerals

Among the main advantages of using Fulvic minerals:

– Regulates the pH of the solution.

– It favours the growth of plants.

– Facilitates the absorption of nutrients that, by their nature, are difficult to absorb by plants.

– Serves as a biostimulant

– Stimulates cell division and plant growth

– Increases plant resistance to drought

– Makes crop recovery more efficient

– Improves floors

– Promotes the formation of nucleic acids

Two of the best Gun scopes to buy if you have a budget of $250

If you love hunting or just shooting, then you would know that good Gun scopes do not come cheap, if you want a good one then you need to spend some money for it, otherwise it is not worth it at all. So, if you are on a budget of $250 and you are looking for some really good and worthy Gun scopes, then these are the two great gun scopes, which you can get in $250, so here, have a look;

  • Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm:

It is one of the finest gun scopes you can get in just $224, it is a lot better than the ones, which costs a fortune. It has 3-9x deer-scope and not just that, it also comes with a cutting edge design. The clarity of this gun scope is great for its price and it also works fine in low light, which is a great benefit. Also, one of the best thing about this gun scope is that it comes with a warranty, it comes with Burris’s Forever Warranty, if the scope gets damage somehow, then you do not have to worry about it, as they will take care of it. This gun scope is made of all steal and not plastic is used in it in its manufacturing, so it is a solid one.

  • Leupold VX-2 3-9x40mm:

The price of this gun scope is $235, but if it is still out of your budget then you can look for more Leupold gun scopes, as there are cheaper ones as well, which starts from $175 and are better than other cheap ones.

Okay, so when we talk about this gun scope, if you are really in to deer hunting then this should be the scope for you, as it is great for that. It has a clear vision and it is long term as well, it is a great investment, if you buy it once, your kids and in fact their kids will use it as well. This gun scope is easy to use ad one can adjust it according to their own style as well.

These are the two best gun scopes you can get under $250 and if you are planning to buy one, then you should definitely consider buying any one of these.For more details visits us

Which cardio exercises are best to reduce weight?

Majority of people are suffering from weight problems and because of that they have to face a lot of other problems as well and some of them went through serious depression as well, there is no doubt that people try really hard to lose weight, they try different exercises, laser procedures and what not but still they end up failing. So, if you are going through these kind of things, then cardio exercises can be really helpful in this thing and you can actually get rid of your weight problems with in some time.

So, if you do not know, which are the cardio exercises you should do then these are the few main and really basic exercises one should do, so here, have a look;

  1. Stair Climber:

Stair climber is the best and smartest way to burn fat, one can easily burn around 500 calories and if you do stair climbing instead of walking, then it is a lost better as more muscles are used in stair climbing than in walking, so it is better to stair climb or to run instead of walking.

  1. Rope Jumping:

One of the best cardio exercise is rope jumping, it is also best for weight loss and a normal person can do rope jumping for around 30 minutes straight, but instead of doing that, one should take intervals, it is better to take a break for few minutes and then start again, instead of doing it in one go. Also, while you are jumping, make sure you do it fast, so that it helps you to burn fat.

  1. Kettlebells:

Even though kettlebells is only a cardio exercise , but it is great for weight loss as well, as some people call it the calorie burning exercise. Once strength and cardio is combined together, it makes the best of both worlds. If you want to burn a lot of calories at once, then you should totally do kettlebells, as they burn around 500 calories.

So, these are the few best cardio exercises you should do if you want to lose weight. It is better than many other ways of reducing weight, so one should definitely give it a try and I am sure that you will be surprised by its results.To know more about Click here

Benefits of maintenance services for parking lots

parking lot light maintenance

When you rent a home it is possible that there is still a light in the same and you only have to change the ownership of it. From the moment the name is changed in the invoices, the tenant becomes the owner of the supply and maintenance services that he has subscribed. That is why it is important to know that there are two types of maintenance in the energy market: Many parking lots are over-lit or heavily lit in certain areas and very dark in others. Looking for parking lot light maintenance? Our lighting products for flood surfaces and reflectors, including our family of energy-efficient LED lighting systems, provide significant energy savings, outstanding uniformity, and excellent waste control.

Adequate lighting of the parking lot can dramatically reduce energy and maintenance costs. Not to mention the sense of comfort and security that comes with a well-lit area. GE Lighting has the solution for your hotel lighting needs. GE Lighting can optimize the lighting of your parking lot with increased uniformity and increase total energy savings. But what happens when these parking lots lights are fused, you must opt for the parking lot light maintenance services. Our team of electricians specializes in the repair of parking lot light repair, electrical installations or opening of new points of light. Opt for a parking lot light maintenance!

Parking lot light repair move for free to your home 365 days a year, we are always nearby to meet your needs as quickly as possible. Request your budget without compromise.

– The maintenance service in electricity, which deals with all aspects related to the installation and electrical appliances of the home Maintenance services are very beneficial for consumers, especially in the case of light or natural gas, where serious breakdowns can arise. The main advantages that you acquire parking lot light repair services or hire them are the following:

– Expert advice

– Repair of any breakdown that occurs

– Avoid a large outlay of money at the moment

– Services are paid in small installments and can be used whenever necessary

– In some cases, it may include mandatory revisions, of normal; usually have a very high cost

An electrician will check the entire electrical installation to verify that it complies with current regulations of the low voltage regulation. The service includes the displacement of an electrician, the labor for the review and the issuance of the official certificate. It does not include materials or adaptations or repairs of the installation.


Free movement of a professional

Labor for the review, it does not include materials or adaptations or repairs in the installation

Revision of the status of the electrical installation according to current regulations

Issuance of the official certificate to legalize the installation

1-year warranty on the repair

How does parking lot light repair work?

Tell us what you need by filling out the form or calling us by phone.

Our agents will facilitate the price or arrange an appointment with the professional

We will send you a professional to perform the repair or to offer you a quote.

Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong can rely on Qilin World Capital:

Entrepreneurship is the buzz word around the world nowadays. Youth these days is more than willing to get itself involved in initiating its own business rather than working under some employee. At the same time it is worth stating here that entrepreneurs may always not be young people. Retired and elderly people are earning like anything being entrepreneurs as well, for instance KFC, Apple. With the help of investment firms like Qilin World Capital financing of the business is not an issue anymore.

It is known to all of us that customer is the king of the market these days and hence manufacturers offer products and services according to the needs and requirement of the customers. Same is the case in the investment industries. Firms these days offer financing products according to the requirements of the people. So looking at the buzz of the town, Qilin World is offering investment products to meet the customized expectations of the people around.

It is a family based firm offering debt and credit solutions to the people in the public markets. They specialize in dealing with asset based lending. It has been operational in multiple industries and sectors in several countries. It is serving primary as well as secondary markets in Europe and Asia. If you are looking for investment solution for your start up Qilin World Capitalis your destination indeed.

The firm has its name as an inspiration from a mythical creature named Qilin. It is an Asian mythical creature that is known to have a body like ox or a deer and a tail like lion. Also it is believed that it has a head and scales like a dragon. It is considered to be an omen of bringing wealth and prosperity to the people. Same is the case with Qilin Capital. It will be maintaining and preserving the capital for you in long term.

The firm is well supported by a number of employees and an executive board. The management team is strong enough to come up with investment solutions to be offered to customers according to their personalized needs and requirements. It will be bringing prosperity and success to you as the name suggests. Do not waste any more time and contact any of the offices in Beijing, China or Shanghai to get your issues resolved.

All what you need to do is to log in to their official site i.e. and navigate through their services. You will be amused with their investment products. You will be more than willing to work with them. It is indeed worth giving a try at least for your own sake.

Featuring the Diversity in the Roof Cargo Box for Cars:

The major necessity of roof cargo box for cars is primarily needed as the storage equipment is a major problem while on the long tours. Hence, the storing of the luggage on the rooftop of the vehicle is a creative way to utilize the need for extra storage.


Besides, there are diverse long-term advantages of the roof cargo box for cars in terms of the storage capacity, cargo security and the waterproofing quality with the accessible facility to carry weight.


Following are few of the diverse and most popular types of companies that provide the best quality of roof cargo box for cars:


  1.  Highland Waterproof Rooftop Cargo Bag:

The highland waterproof rooftop cargo bag consists of an enlarged storage capacity of around 15 cubic feet that leads to better than the overall storage space of vehicle to keep the luggage. The cargo bag is exclusively made up waterproof material with the sonically welded seams. The rooftop cargo bag especially includes all the installation straps and enable a convenient attachment to most of the factory roof rags of the vehicle. The 7.8-pound weight of the cargo bag can easily be folded and kept aside when not in regular use.


  1. Pilot Automotive-Aerodynamic Cargo Carrier:

The innovative feature of the pilot automotive-aerodynamic cargo carrier is that it is designed to reduce the drag due to its aerodynamic property. It has an additional capacity to reduce fuel savage along with crossbars or side rails that facilitate its static position in most of the factory roof racks. The bag consists mainly of waterproof and weather resistant material in order to keep the luggage dry and secure while to be kept on the rooftop for a long time period.


  1. Keeper-Water proof Rooftop Cargo Bag:

The keeper waterproof rooftop cargo bag holds the luggage storage capacity of 15 cubic feet. It is a rubber laminated cargo bag with its innovative design to be best fitted for all types of roof racks of various vehicles. Besides, its good attachment capabilities to the rooftop, it is convenient to keep the 5.1 pound weighted cargo bag folded whenever not in use. The cargo bag consists of soft flex that is to be suited to fit within it all types of odd shaped loads and the waterproof capability of it allows to remain the luggage safe of external water and dirt.


  1.  Shield Jacket-Water proof Rooftop Cargo Luggage Travel Bag:

The 15-cubic feet waterproof rooftop cargo bag by shield features welded seams is exclusively made up of around eight built-in straps that lead to acquiring a capability to hold down like a double-wall vinyl bag. The shape consisting of 43 inches to 34 inches by 17 inches sides, as well as it enables all kinds of odd or bulky loading luggage stuff to be fitted within it with ease. Moreover, it can conveniently be folded down to the storage easily when not required for the regular loading use.


Never Try Out These Strange Wedding Cultures

The wedding is something, which is common all around the world and people perform different traditions in their weddings, some of them are so strange and weird that one should never try them out. So, here we will tell you few of the strange wedding cultures, which people follow in different countries;

The first weird tradition is known as the “Save the date’ or ‘Love and the Chicken Liver’. You can guess a bit by looking at the second name of the tradition. This tradition takes place in China and this happens before the wedding. Basically, this tradition takes place to set the wedding date, the bride and the groom, kill a chick, while holding the knife together and if the liver of the chick is fine, they are allowed to set the wedding date and if not, they keep on doing it while they get a good liver.

The next tradition is called ‘Aim carefully’ and it takes place in Yugur culture, it is basically a Chinese minority. It is a really strange wedding culture, in this tradition, the groom shoots the bride three times before the wedding with a bow and arrow, even though it does not have any arrowheads, it is like rubber bullets but still, shooting a bride is kind of weird. Once the groom has shot the bride three times, he is asked to break the all three arrows, the purpose of breaking them is that they will love each other forever.

So, these are two of the weird and strange wedding cultures, which takes place in different parts of the world, these traditions are kind of weird and I do not think that one should perform any of these wedding traditions in their weddings.

Why Snow Roof Rake should be at Home?

Every cold snap brings lots of snowfall to the coldest regions of the planet. People living in those areas often face many problems which affect their lifestyle like getting stuck in the traffic and unable to reach the office on time. However, the technology is resolving this issue by introducing various easy-to-use tools like snow roof rakes. This tool allows people to scoop away the snow that accumulates over time. Your roof is your protection! So what if the snow create ice dams on your roof and it started leaking? Then you are susceptible to unfortunate occurrences.  Getting a snow roof rake is the best way to protect your roof and ultimately your family from any disastrous issue. You should have a snow roof rake at your home if you do not want to face any unfortunate incident. It comes with many other benefits, so let’s take a look at them!

Ø No need to climb the ladder

Snowfall is often a special time for people who are always preparing for the worst. In the winter season, everything looks beautiful in that white blanket, but you need to ruin this beauty for your own protection. Climbing the ladder and cleaning the snow from the roof is not a good idea as it involves many risks like you might get a slip and encounter severe injuries. An inexperienced person should never climb the ladder for removing the snow from the roof. Bring a snow roof rake at home for cleaning the snow from the roof and avoiding any misfortunes. It is extendable handle will allow you to stay on the ground and remove the now easily.

Ø Avoid misfortunes

The snow showered on your roof can cause misfortune and accident like the detrimental snow can fall on the passerby and injure him badly. It is your duty to remove the snow from your roof and make the way safer for people. A snow rake can help you to get rid of the snow from your roof instantly without producing any damage.

Ø Protect the roof

The heavy snow can produce a lot of damage to your roof which may turn out disaster for your family. The snowfall can make the roof shingles brittle, so it can crack easily. If that compacted snow started melting, then it can create leakage or puddles. A snow roof rake can cut the heavy snow and protect your roof from collapsing. It will ultimately add years to your roof life, and it will remain sturdy for a longer period. If you live in a region with heavy snow, then keep a snow roof rake at your home to prevent any damage.

Ø Easy to use

Heavy snow on your balcony or roof is often hard to remove. But the remarkable snow rakes can make it easier for you. This lightweight device will allow you to remove the compacted snow from the roof and protect your home from a disaster. You will find various brands of snow roof rakes in the market, so get the one that you can easily work with.

Best Van Buyers of All Time

Selling a van or any vehicle is really hard to sell as it comes with a lot of headache as well, one has to go through a lot of process to sell it and sometimes once goes through a lot but it still does not sells. So, if you are in UK and you have a van which you want to sell but for some reason you are not able to, then here is something which can help you out and you can sell your van without going through any headache or anything like that.

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The best thing about We buy vans is that they buy all kinds of vans, so you do not have to worry if you have a small van or a big one, they will buy it and you do not even have to face any kind of trouble. They have been doing this since 17 years now and they are professional at this, they know everything about vans and if you do not know the real value of your van then you can go to their website and can evaluate your van there and that too for free.

Their customer care service is available 24/7 and they are there if any of their customer have any questions to ask. Also, off their team is professional and they exactly know what their customer wants, they make sure that their customers do not have to face any trouble and that everything goes smoothly, and if by ant chance something happens then they take care of it and you do not have face anything yourself.

So, if you are selling your van then you should definitely visit ‘We buy van’s’ website, and it will be really helpful to you I am sure about it.

Cities to Visit On World Tour Trips

To travel the world, to discover, to explore are parts of human natures. Traveller wants to visit new places every time.Some traveler makes thematic trips. If one want to go on World Tour trips, they should select following places. Following places are a mixture of nature, history and modern life.


When one wants to visit the modern city as well as old historical city, Tokyo is the place to go for. Remember cherry blossom season when there is greenery everywhere. It has a historical building which are best showcase legendary eras and museums to keep the history alive.


London is the mixture of world, it is like the world in a city. It is the center of innovation, history, shopping, and education. People who visit London will feel that one trip is not enough to see and explore London. Towe of London stands still to invite travelers to come again and again.


Pairs is the land of glamour, beauty, chocolates and perfumes. And how could one miss Eiffel tower`s gracious visit? Paris is the city never sleeps. Modern city but have the bulk of old historical and cultural buildings. Museums and churches will feed one`s historic intrinsic. Fashion cuisine and lavish foods will take your heart.


The high temperature of the Cairo will never stop you to visit its charm. There are some buildings and streets which are in their original shape to attract tourist. Moreover whole could resist history of the porch which stands still to amaze visitors.


Bali is the place of natural beauties, white sands, tropical life and beautiful beach. Anyone who is nature love should visit Bali. Bali is the center of cultural events and historical building. Stone temples have their grace retained. One can enjoy boating  Bali, tire Ganga and Mayong Village tracking experience.

Bora Bora:

Who could resist bora bora while on World Tour Trips? This is a just 6-mile long island but has everything one can think about in natural beauty. It has lush jungles, mountains, boating and much more. People call the Pearl of the Pacific. Friendly local makes the experience unforgettable.