Combi Boiler- a Resurgence After Tank Boilers?

A combi boiler is considered as one of the greatest, revolutionary engineering works. A lot of brains and hard work has been spent coming up with such a concept. It is a classic example of simplifying complex systems and converting large, complicated machines into simple, compact and beautiful ones. Beauty is always preferred over ugliness, the complex is preferred over complicated and simplicity is preferred over complexity itself. The combi boiler was formed keeping these three golden rules in mind. This combination of a water heater and a central heating unit works without any separate cylinder or storage container and a pressure pump. This is one of the reasons it consumes very less space and is also cost-effective.

Points to note about a combi boiler usage:

  • Combi boilers are easy to install. Yet, they must be set up by a technician, who knows the knack of dealing with these machines.
  • The water will always take a few seconds or sometimes a few minutes to heat depending upon the power supply. One should not expect immediate piping hot water.
  • Sometimes, the combi boiler is connected to multiple taps at the same time. Using these multiple taps at the same time can reduce the speed of water flow. The water, however, will be equally hot from all the taps, which is a great property of these machines.
  • The water coming from the taps will be extremely hot due to which one must never come in contact with it directly. He or she must first test the temperature by just touching the fingertips.

It is highly advisable for each and every home to have a combi boiler installed. It is extremely helpful during the winters when each and every individual prefers hot water for bathing and other purposes.

Although combi boilers can be fit in any household, they are most suited for small houses and flats, where the compact nature is put to best use. Different companies manufacture combi boilers nowadays and some are also working on advancing it and improving it even further. That day is not far when we will have even smaller combi boilers, which can perform many more functions, maybe refrigeration as well. Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and one can never predict what it will produce next. However, an individual can definitely expect his or her life to be way simpler with the concepts of robots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence advancing.To get more information about Combi boiler please visit