Cities to Visit On World Tour Trips

To travel the world, to discover, to explore are parts of human natures. Traveller wants to visit new places every time.Some traveler makes thematic trips. If one want to go on World Tour trips, they should select following places. Following places are a mixture of nature, history and modern life.


When one wants to visit the modern city as well as old historical city, Tokyo is the place to go for. Remember cherry blossom season when there is greenery everywhere. It has a historical building which are best showcase legendary eras and museums to keep the history alive.


London is the mixture of world, it is like the world in a city. It is the center of innovation, history, shopping, and education. People who visit London will feel that one trip is not enough to see and explore London. Towe of London stands still to invite travelers to come again and again.


Pairs is the land of glamour, beauty, chocolates and perfumes. And how could one miss Eiffel tower`s gracious visit? Paris is the city never sleeps. Modern city but have the bulk of old historical and cultural buildings. Museums and churches will feed one`s historic intrinsic. Fashion cuisine and lavish foods will take your heart.


The high temperature of the Cairo will never stop you to visit its charm. There are some buildings and streets which are in their original shape to attract tourist. Moreover whole could resist history of the porch which stands still to amaze visitors.


Bali is the place of natural beauties, white sands, tropical life and beautiful beach. Anyone who is nature love should visit Bali. Bali is the center of cultural events and historical building. Stone temples have their grace retained. One can enjoy boating  Bali, tire Ganga and Mayong Village tracking experience.

Bora Bora:

Who could resist bora bora while on World Tour Trips? This is a just 6-mile long island but has everything one can think about in natural beauty. It has lush jungles, mountains, boating and much more. People call the Pearl of the Pacific. Friendly local makes the experience unforgettable.