Never Try Out These Strange Wedding Cultures

The wedding is something, which is common all around the world and people perform different traditions in their weddings, some of them are so strange and weird that one should never try them out. So, here we will tell you few of the strange wedding cultures, which people follow in different countries;

The first weird tradition is known as the “Save the date’ or ‘Love and the Chicken Liver’. You can guess a bit by looking at the second name of the tradition. This tradition takes place in China and this happens before the wedding. Basically, this tradition takes place to set the wedding date, the bride and the groom, kill a chick, while holding the knife together and if the liver of the chick is fine, they are allowed to set the wedding date and if not, they keep on doing it while they get a good liver.

The next tradition is called ‘Aim carefully’ and it takes place in Yugur culture, it is basically a Chinese minority. It is a really strange wedding culture, in this tradition, the groom shoots the bride three times before the wedding with a bow and arrow, even though it does not have any arrowheads, it is like rubber bullets but still, shooting a bride is kind of weird. Once the groom has shot the bride three times, he is asked to break the all three arrows, the purpose of breaking them is that they will love each other forever.

So, these are two of the weird and strange wedding cultures, which takes place in different parts of the world, these traditions are kind of weird and I do not think that one should perform any of these wedding traditions in their weddings.